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Crypto AI Trading Bot | Week 2

This is Business Goals Agency second week of documenting an algorithm intelligence trading bot on Cryptohopper. We saw much success this week and outperformed week 1. This article will break down week 2's progress with a crypto market analysis and introduction to Cryprohopper bot settings.

We finished week 1 off with a profit of 7%. Week 2 is finishing off with a profit of 16%. It's no secret the bits performance this week is due to Bitcoin reaching an all time high of right under 67k at 66,999. It's very possible we'll see a further breakout this week and over the rest of the year as we roll into the holidays.

Bitcoin had a futures ETF hit the New York Stock Exchange this week - BITO, which debuted at about $40 per share. This entices more of the veteran finance community and ensures the financial world that bitcoin is a sturdy asset with diverse portfolio capabilities.

At the beginning of this week I actually reduced my number of traded coins on the bot from 70 to 40. I felt the altcoin market will flourish later on in the holiday season and into next year. While bitcoin and ethereum will have the most qrowth until after Christmas. The reason being more people will be at home with their families, sharing their cryptocurrency success. Newly enticed crypto holders will enter the market through Bitcoin and Ethereum. While the more versed crypto traders will diversify into crypto after the holiday networking wave.

Starting with $585 and hitting $680, it looks as though we've broken even on the Cryptohopper Hero monthly subscription. Now everything for the rest of the month is profit and will go towards the quarterly and bi-annual Dex subscriptions. I use Dex premium templates, strategies, and signals for my bot. A 16% yield in two weeks is great for any portfolio and we only hope to continue this performance with expectations of a further Bitcoin bull run!

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