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Crypto AI Trading Bot | Week 3

Week 1 finished at 7% profit. Week 2 finished at 16% profit. Week 3 is finishing at 25% profit! So week 4, next Wednsday on November 3rd will be a discerning metric. We'll be able to further analyze if this bot is outperforming your stocks, favorite alt-coins, or bitcoin itself. A friend of mines trade bot is up over 60% in the last month. I've had other tradebots myself to perform with amazing margins. I think we'll see a large jump between the profits of weeks 3 and 4.

The main reason being the algorithm has started to learn some knowledge. It's got 3 weeks experience now in knowledge of market trends and "trading pairs." Trading pairs are just say how Ethereum performs compared to Bitcoin. The bot has over 100 trading pairs it follows and has noticed some of the common trends to capitalize now.

With Bitcoin reaching a new all time high and then making a retreat, that's a indicator for a alt-coin bull run. Whales and veteran traders capitalized on Bitcoins new all time high, now they're diversifying into alt coins. This is why we're now seeing the huge market jump for SHIB and it's all time high. Along with some other alts.

Business Goals Agency thinks Cryptohopper and Dex Tools make utilizing algorithm intelligence to trade crypto's 24/7 - EASY! It's kind of fun too and whether you're a seasoned investor or fairly new to building your portfolio. When the crypto market is climbing or stagnant, using these bots can lead to tremendous gains!

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