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Crypto AI Trading Bot | Week 4

We saw our bot outperform bitcoin the first few weeks but week 4 ended with the cryptohopper bot performance up 29% and Bitcoin at 31%. There's lots of variables to the bot and bitcoins performance, in this article we'll be breaking them down. This will be the last blog series on this bot. In the coming weeks we'll start a new trade bot series comparing a cryptohopper bot with more trading capital and other bots on the market.

Our analysis is that we should have more often alternated our traded coins akin to the top moving traded coins on Kucoin, daily instead of weekly. We also beleive Cryptohopper performs better than with the minimal recommended trading capital of $500 and that there's other bot platforms with cheaper market entry costs. Had our bot had more capital, we beleive it could have outperformed Bitcoin. We also want our content to appeal to all audiences, not just people with large amounts of trading capital.

Bitcoin has been slowly climbing new all time highs everyday this week. It's worldwide recognition as a pioneering technology and ledger with independence from any sole government - yields appeal, skyrocketing its price. As Mastercard announced they will be launching bitcoin payment cards. As more Bitcoin ETF applications get sent to regulators. As the holidays approach more people are networking with friends and family, sharing crypto success stories.

While nobody can tell the future and exactly ascertain where these prices will go and what blockchain technology like Bitcoin or Ethereums will do. Business Goals Agency is here to bring you news and analysis on crypto trade bots and everything finance / tech related! Follow us to learn how we'll compare a more fine tuned cryptohopper bot with the newer and less costly Kryll bot in the coming weeks!

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