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It's Not Too Late To Own Bitcoin

Bitcoin launched in 2009, it was actually given away for free. The rewards for mining (lending computing power to the network) would give you massive amounts of bitcoin. It took 2 years for bitcoin to go from way under a penny to over $1. Used to, you could have bought thousands of bitcoin for the price of a cup of coffee. A 2009 cup of coffee in bitcoin today would be worth hundreds of millions.

Just to paint the picture of its early days to today, many argue that it's too late. If we buy bitcoin now it can't possible go up much more. However if you search Twitter you'll find social media posts from people saying stuff like "I can't beleive I sold all my bitcoin at 10 cents, now it's worth 50 cents!" If only they knew how much higher it would really go.

Bitcoins white-paper (it's manual or design chart) says that it's capable of reaching $10,000,000 in value per coin. While it may take some serious time to get there. It's entirely possible. Only 21 million bitcoin will ever be produced and we've already minted over 18 million of them. The last bitcoin is expected to be produced around the year 2140.

While bitcoin is only about 12 years old, it's already grown exponentially. Countries that want to do away with centralized currency and focus on a transparent economy are opting in to bitcoin. El Salvador added it to their national reserves and all their banks accept it as legal tender. Other countries in South America are considering doing the same.

With the recent news of companies like Walmart and Tesla getting involved. The New York Stock Exchange adding bitcoin futures and spot ETF's. Massive geothermal mining projects going online solely for bitcoin. It's obvious we're moving in a direction closer to $10,000,000 than $0.

I think the biggest pro for bitcoin is its independence, lack of bias, and decentralization properties. We worry about governments and banks being corrupt. Inflating currency and working out inside deals to help the few while screwing the many. Bitcoin is entirely independent and transparent. You can lookup every transaction on the network.

It's very possible that we'll see more countries adopt it as legal tender. More companies endorse it, add it to their investments, and accept it as payment. Business Goals Agency isn't suggesting you invest in Bitcoin. That would be financial advice. We only suggest that if you see potential in bitcoin and want to be involved. That contrary to popular belief, It's not too late. Only 15% of the US population owns any cryptocurrency period.

While you might not be able to afford 1 Bitcoin. You can likely afford a Satoshi, which is a smaller unit of measurement for decimal amounts of bitcoin. Many crypto enthusiasts are suggesting that we should prioritize buying satoshis now over entire bitcoins.

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