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Lionel James: Guiding The Under Armour Professional Fishing Team & Everyone Else

Updated: Aug 3, 2023

Shark Fishing
Shark Fishing in Destin Florida

One of The Most Popular Youtube Fishing Channels:

Lionel, creator of the YouTube channel Lionel James Fishing has thousands of followers and is becoming a component in some of the largest fishing brands. Offering entertaining & highly informative fishing videos with tips on how to catch a variety of species. Recognized for his passion, skill, & quality of content: Courtland Line Companu & Under Armour asked Lionel to bring the Under Armour's professional fishing crew on his boat.

With unmatched storytelling and camera work, Lionel guided their fishing trip and captured the crew's best fishing moments and camaraderie. Providing viewers with an unparalleled glimpse into professional fishing. As Lionel James Fishing channel continues to rise in popularity, Lionel's dedication to delivering the best fishing footage keeps his audience eagerly anticipating the next epic adventure. These fishing videos always showcase the best equipment too. Following his channel will not only introduce you to the best fishing tips, but also what the best angler gear is.

Lionel is now the face of Under Armour fishing

Who Is Captain Lionel James:

Captain Lionel James, a seasoned fishing expert, has a lifelong passion for angling that began in Central Florida and evolved through various fishing terrains across Northwest Florida. From mastering the art of fishing in the intracoastal waterways and shallow flats to fly fishing in the wilderness of Anchorage, Alaska. Lionel has an honorable background as well. He served in the United States Airforce, he's been a Firefighter. Competing in professional mixed martial arts. He has a family and is a proponent for local community efforts.

Now based in Destin Florida, he pursues his dream as a full-time charter captain fishing guide, fishing media icon, and tournament competitor. With appearances on national TV shows like Fox Sports featured Addictive Fishing with Blair Wiggins. Lionel's expertise in both inshore & offshore fishing is as legit as it gets. As a dedicated captain and professional guide, he is eager to share his years of experience and create unforgettable fishing adventures. Adventures so great even the biggest brands in the fishing industry, identify with captain Lionel James.

Lionel is now the face of Under Armour fishing

Why Iconic Brands Identify With Captain James:

Iconic brands need uncompromising quality to maintain their reputation and exceed customer expectations. Courtland Line Company is an authority on line, leader, & fishing equipment. Under Armour's fishing division is an authority on angler apparel. When iconic brands want quality in showcasing their products - they partner with a iconic videographer. Join Lion's Fishing Adventures, Courtland Line Company, & Under Armour on your next fishing adventure!

Lionel offers his exclusive Fishing Adventure Productions, a premium service that allows you to elevate your fishing experience to a whole new level. With this offering, you can book Lionel to record, edit, and produce a professionally crafted fishing video that captures every thrilling moment of your adventure. This service is particularly ideal for captains looking to provide additional value to their customers. This can enhance boat owners marketing efforts, especially for new fishing charter businesses aiming to establish their presence in the Destin fishing industry. If you search "Destin Fishing" on Google Images & Videos, you'll find many of the top results showcasing Lionel's impressive work. To be a top result in arguably the most established fishing city in the world, you've got to know how to make quality content.

Fishing Adventure Productions info
Fishing Adventure Productions info

Why You Should Work With Fishing Adventure Productions:

Collaborating with his Fishing Adventure Productions ensures you'll receive world-class video content, comparable to what leading brands like Under Armour & Courtland Line Company invest in. Whether you desire to immortalize cherished memories with your family or showcase your boat's prowess in putting people on fish, consider booking Lionel for a professionally produced fishing video that will leave a lasting impression. These videos provide unlimited advertising content and will put you on one of the most established Youtube fishing channels. This is a joint effort brought to you by Business Goals Group LLC & Lionel James Fishing. Contact us to produce your high quality video fishing adventure!

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