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Mastercard Announces They Will Start Processing Cryptocurrency

Mastercard says any bank or merchant on its network will soon be able to offer cryptocurrency services. While we can't anticipate exactly how it will work. One can assume that this will allow for the purchase of any product or service at all major stores and retailers - with Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other major cryptocurrencies.

What we do know is Mastercard will be allowing their cryptocurrency services through their announced partnership with Bakkt. Bakkt is a financial software firm, stemming from Intercontinental Exhange - a fortune 500 company. It's safe to assume that regardless of what crypto services will be coming out, they're going to further solidify the use of bitcoin in the worlds economy.

There's already debit and credit cards that give rewards in cryptocurrency already like the Blockfi credit card that gives you back 1.5% in Bitcoin. The Sofi credit card works on a reward system that gives 2 points per dollar spent and is redeemable for crypto.

While we can't say exactly what this partnership between Mastercard and Bakkt will bring, it's going to raise crypto prices. Bitcoin hit a new all time high last week and is already building up support this week. With news like this and bitcoin already up over 40% in the last month. We'll likely see another new ATH before the holidays. Business Goals Agency is here to bring you the news in all things crypto.

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