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Only 55% Of US Citizens Are Stock Market Stakeholders - Let's Make It 100%

Business Goals Agency is on a mission to ensure every American citizen is a stakeholder in the stock market. While many may compare it to gambling at the casino, that's very different from the stock market although there are parallels in the uncontrolled randomness that is say poker card combinations or future market conditions.

The main difference being significance, market conditions or card combinations. Markets will always grow and fall but the bigger picture will always be growth. When the stock market crashed in the 1920's. When the dotcom bubble crashed the stock market in the early 2000's. The stock market always rebounded over time and grew larger before its next crash.

There will be more crashes, but as long as humanity grows and we continue having more people trading more things with each other from knowledge to technology or card games. The markets will grow. Being a day trader can make money but it's easy to lose money that way as well. Being a stakeholder is trusting the market will grow and rebound from crashes. It's slowly putting in small bits over time while using its profits to buy more stock and compound interest.

You want to be a stakeholder. Day trading and all that other stuff is up to you to decide on and will require serious due diligence. If you want to play it safe and be part of the 55% who own stock while benefiting from it, find a local licensed stockbroker and financial advisor who can help you become a stakeholder. There's free apps and websites that just require a bank account to start buying stock but it's very easy to get carried away with.

Business Goals Agency wants everyone to be financially healthy. Just like sugary foods or strenuous exercise. The world of finance can be brutal to your health if not heeded with caution. It's only human nature to indulge in activities we think are good for us or feel good. Keep in mind that watching asset value market tickers all day and going from investing what you can afford to risk losing bill money because you're excited the stock market - is a common problem to people in the stock market.

Business Goals Agency believes that together we can raise the number of American stock market stakeholders from 55% to 100% and it starts with you. Go speak to a licensed financial advisor and stock broker. Start building an estate and wealth that grows over a lifetime. Your family, your children, grandchildren and future lineage may thank you for it. We wish financial health upon everyone!

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