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Small Business Runs America

Small business truly does run America. You might think that the majority of business is from big corporations but you'd be sadly mistaken. Small business makes up 99% of employer firms and 49% of private sector jobs. Literally 99% of business in America is small business.

E-commerce is the top small business trend in America, allowing anybody to start their own brand and sell products. Without having to even produce the products. Private label or white label products allow you to "dropship" where you make the order happen and a warehouse prints your label on the product and ships it. Giving you the difference between production/shipping costs and whatever you priced it at.

Now it's not as easy as it sounds. You have to be doing minimal orders in inventory and moving somewhat in bulk to really see profits and success with E-commerce but platforms like Shopify definitely make it easier.

Even before the days of dropshipping and private label products, small business has been what provides for most Americans. It seems that small business has the encouragement from bipartisan support of both left and right. I think we can all agree the small mom n pop shops are our friend. While companies like Walmart may be the biggest individual employers.

It's still small business that runs America! Business Goals Agency thinks entrepreneurship is for everyone and even if it's just a hobby. Do your part to support small business, find out how to sell your skills and services. Follow us for more small business tips!


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