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Walmart Allowing Sales Of Bitcoin At Over 8,000 Locations

Walmart is a world leader. They lead the world in being the largest retailer. They're the world's largest employer. Now they're paving the way for helping people purchase bitcoin. Already 200 Walmart locations allow the purchase of Bitcoin at their Coinstar kiosks. They plan to get that number to over 8,000 locations.

This September a fake news article made rounds on the internet - announcing a partnership between Walmart and Litecoin. This sent LTC prices skyrocketing but quickly collapsed as the news spread of it being false.

While the crypto community and the rest of the world are still at odds over many lucrative aspects of Bitcoin and other blockchain ledgers. You can't deny the growth of cryptocurrency in its price value. You can't deny its growing adoption from countries accepting it as legal tender to now the world's largest retailer allowing people to buy it in their stores. The New York Stock Exchange also added a Bitcoin futures ETF this week.

Regardless of whether you're pro, anti, or still on the fence about cryptocurrency. Business Goals Agency is here to bring you the latest updates on the matter! Follow us to stay on top of all things crypto and finance.

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